Understand the Organization You're Selling To

Understanding the organization you're selling to bulds increased sales and long-term relationships. | taught by Glynis Ross-Munro

Course description

Do you want to make more sales?

People buy more from people who understand them and their culture. They also buy more from people who understand their company culture.

Yet many salespeople sell in terms of their own company's products or services, using their personal style. They wonder why they are successful with some clients and strike out with others.

  • Are you a small business selling to the public sector?
  • A large, private-sector business selling to small start-ups?
  • A mainstream American business selling to a family-owned Indian or Latino business?

These issues matter when you establish contact, build relationships and make actual sales.

This course guides you to recognized your own style and your customers' company cultures. It explains how to use this strategic knowledge to increase sales.

It's a bit more complicated that it looks, at first, but you'll get the idea quickly.

Bonus: The course includes a free 30 minute consultation with me, any time Mon-Friday, 9am - 12 noon. I want you to see changes and to be successful.

Glynis Ross-Munro
Glynis Ross-Munro
Senior Instructor

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