Course Description

Race. One imagines it takes 1000 pages just to write an introduction.

It does, if one tries to include every opinion, perspective, detail and prediction, but this is the basics.

What is race? Why do some of us seem to care about it so passionately? How are things changing and what might the future look like?

This course is the result of both research and talking to thousands of people about race. We send out surveys, analyze results, read books, give presentations... but the rubber hits the road when the group work starts. We get to pull up a chair with five or six people, hundreds of times, and listen as they talk.

We have the privilege of listening to them train their own classes about race.

And sometimes they come to us after class, and tell us the truth, as they see it. About being Black or White, Asian or Latino, Bi-racial or American Indian. Whatever, we get to listen, learn and process the state of race in different nations and in the United States.

We care deeply about this topic and are honored to share our conclusions and processes with you.


Glynis Ross-Munro

Competency & Performance Solutions

Senior Instructor

Glynis Ross-Munro

Glynis is a training, coaching and business consulting specialist with many years of experience in analyzing business issues and creating innovative learning interventions. She has three psychology degrees and loves seeing her students becoming more successful in their lives and careers.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Girl in the Middle

  • 2

    Chapter 1

    • Primary and Secondary Differences

    • The Concept of Race

    • Reponse to skin color: Video (3 minutes)

    • Response to skin color

    • Love has no Labels (3 minutes - watched by 58 million people)

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Race in the USA

    • Race in the USA

    • "South of the Border:" Response to Race,2.

    • The Concept of Microagrressions

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Race and Culture

    • Race and Culture

    • Culture Quiz

    • Race and Culture Verbal Misunderstandings

    • BE/Ebonics speakers learn SAE (Video)

  • 5

    Chapter Four: Looking Forward: Solutions and Scenarios

    • Changes: Race, Culture and Demographics

    • The Ladder of Inclusion

  • 6

    Further Reading

    • Further Reading